I’m Daniel Shields. I live in South Africa, where I design and build the future.

Passionate about the intersection of branding, design, and web development.

I’m a software developer that’s recently completed a Masters in Entrepreneurship and also have a decade of experience building websites and applications for my own start-ups.

Working on my own start-ups gave me a lot of experience with all aspects of building a business, including owning many parts of the tech stack, so I’m very comfortable working with web technology and backend development.

On the flip-side of this entrepreneurial coin, my master’s degree gave me a deep understanding of what companies go through as they try build better products, find product market fit, talk to customers, and prioritise features.

While studying my master’s I also started training as a transpersonal hypnotherapy practitioner, and for the past few years I’ve been studying life coaching, astrology, hypnosis and shamanism – all of which allow me to have a very human centred approach, and a deep passion for helping people.

I believe my combination of software development, entrepreneurship and life coaching makes for a great combination that allows me to communicate and share ideas across domains to both developers, designers and even non-tech savvy users.

Reach out to me if you’re interested in chatting about any current or future opportunities and how I may be able to help.