L/L Research

Home of The Law of One material, L/L Research is a non-profit organization dedicated to discovering and sharing information to aid in the spiritual evolution of humankind.

A two-year project to re-design and modernise the L/L Research archive website, which included a conversion of older content into a future-proof flat-file git archive. The website was built with Statamic and Tailwindcss.



A simple website for astrology charts without any of the clutter or advertising found on other sites.

Orbits is a side-project of mine to create a simpler, more pleasant experience for viewing and creating astrology charts.

Programming Astrology


June 2019 - Dec 2019

An alternative gardening brand, with an online seed swapping platform. We created an entire brand manual for the startup with some mockups of how things might look in the future.

Startups Co-founder Branding


Jan 2020 - Sep 2020

Contact work developing a tool to analyse risk in the fashion industry and textiles supply chain.

“T-REXS is a tool to support you in the identification and prioritisation of social, environmental and corruption risks in your textile supply chains. Risk analysis is a fundamental part of any company’s due diligence, and therefore also a key requirement for members of the Textile Partnership.”

The project involved ReactJS front-end work, using Redux and localStorage. The website is also bilingual and was carefully designed so that no-data was stored or sent to the server in order to keep company supply chain data private.



2013 - Present

Designed for rollout of remote projects, providing reports that allow customer, stakeholders, supervisory and project management teams real time access to site progress information.

The startup I spent most of my time on. Sendtao was designed for an engineering company in order to facilitate the rollout of remote projects, providing reports that allow teams real time access to site progress, this is primarily done with photo based reports.

Startups Programming Co-founder

EPK Civils

This work involved branding and website development for EPK Civils, a Civil and Specialist Geotechnical construction company based in South Africa.


EPIC Infrastructure

EPIC Infrastructure is a company under development that required some work building a corporate identity.

The EPIC branding was designed to be simple and use branded stickers that could easily be transported around to different offices and used on recycled cardboard and paper, allowing the branding to be controlled easily while also being used around Africa.

Logo Design Branding

Shift Tribe

Branding and logo update for Shift Tribe, a non-profit events company that organises large beach meditations in Cape Town.

The branding involved the creation of a new brand manual, and a lot of concept work and mockups to try define the correct feel for Shift and their expansion and exploration into new areas of growth.

Branding Logo Design