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We build and design websites with a holistic, spiritual and ecological focus.

I’m Daniel Shields. A software developer that’s recently completed a Masters in Entrepreneurship and I have a decade of experience building websites and applications for my own start-ups.

Featured Projects

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  • L/L Research — Home of The Law of One material, L/L Research is a non-profit organization dedicated to discovering and sharing information to aid in the spiritual evolution of humankind.
  • Orbits — A simple website for astrology charts without any of the clutter or advertising found on other sites.
  • Plotty — An alternative gardening brand, with an online seed swapping platform. We created an entire brand manual for the startup with some mockups of how things might look in the future.
  • TwentyFifty — Contact work developing a tool to analyse risk in the fashion industry and textiles supply chain.
  • Sendtao — Designed for rollout of remote projects, providing reports that allow customer, stakeholders, supervisory and project management teams real time access to site progress information.



  • Full-stack development

    Either full-stack Javascript or products a mix with PHP / Laravel backends.

  • Front-end development

    Front-end Javascript applications with React or Vue, Laravel Livewire etc.

  • Backend & Servers

    Server architecture and development. APIs and micro-services, scaling, queues, distributed servers, serverless apps.

  • APIs & CI

    API design and deployment, continuous integration or server configuration.


  • Branding & Logos

    Multimedia work like branding, design, logos, presentations, business cards, posters, etc for companies and friends.

  • Website design

    Design and coding of static websites, including designing for a11y web accessibility standards for impaired users.

  • Print design

    Print design, such as posters, business cards or company documents.


  • Startup Prototypes (MVP)

    I'm capable of rapidly building quick (MVP) prototypes that can be used to show investors, test and get feedback from users, before refining the idea more.

  • Business Plans

    I can shape your business plan, help you identity your target market and make sure that the prototype is a viable product that your customers will love.

  • Technical advice

    Need advice for your startup or idea? I can provide technical advice or consulting to help you avoid any technical pit-falls.

Recent Articles

  • Agile methodology

    A brief overview of Agile methodology and how our team applied these principles to our startup.

  • Post modern views on Failure

    As I attempt to understand failure and its meaning, this work is a postmodern discourse on the subject, and how we approach and respond to failure in the modern world.

  • Scientific Paradigms and Disruption

    I compared the disruption of paradigms—something that embodies a conceptual framework in which we perceive the world (Chalmers, 1978) with how a start-up functions by finding anomalies and solving a problem that no one had considered before.

  • Working with emotional models in an artificial life simulation

    The aim of the project was to create a testbed for the simulation of an artificial life in which emotional models could be observed in action, as well as provide a method of monitoring and interacting with the simulation.

Code Gists

  • Configuring CloudFront for static websites

    It can be a lot more difficult than you'd expect to properly configure AWS S3 with CloudFront to serve simple static websites with sub-pages.

  • From Zero to Spock

    How to configure and set up an Amazon EC2 server with SSH keys for Statamic and Git Integration for Spock.



  • Falmouth University

    MA Entrepreneurship, 2018-20

  • University of Hertfordshire

    BSc (Hons) Computer Science, 2014

  • University of Pretoria

    BIS. Multimedia, 2008-12


  • Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE) Facilitator
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)
  • Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Traditional Jikiden Reiki (Shoden)
  • Karuna + Lightarean Reiki
  • Western Reiki I, II, Advanced
  • Astrology