Writing on software design, startups, and the future.

All of my long-form thoughts on programming, leadership, building products, and more, collected in chronological order.

Configuring CloudFront for static websites

It can be a lot more difficult than you'd expect to properly configure AWS S3 with CloudFront to serve simple static websites with sub-pages.

From Zero to Spock

How to configure and set up an Amazon EC2 server with SSH keys for Statamic and Git Integration for Spock.

Agile methodology

A brief overview of Agile methodology and how our team applied these principles to our startup.

Post modern views on Failure

As I attempt to understand failure and its meaning, this work is a postmodern discourse on the subject, and how we approach and respond to failure in the modern world.

Scientific Paradigms and Disruption

I compared the disruption of paradigms—something that embodies a conceptual framework in which we perceive the world (Chalmers, 1978) with how a start-up functions by finding anomalies and solving a problem that no one had considered before.

Working with emotional models in an artificial life simulation

The aim of the project was to create a testbed for the simulation of an artificial life in which emotional models could be observed in action, as well as provide a method of monitoring and interacting with the simulation.