Software I use, tools I love, and my skill set.

While the web is constantly evolving, and I think it’s important to explore new frameworks and approaches... I find myself most comfortable with the technologies and skills listed here.


  • Javascript

    The language I’m most comfortable with. I’ve been building web projects in Javascript since the dark ages... from simple JQuery projects in University, to Backbone & Marionette. So I’ve been around long enough to witness the evolution of Javascript frameworks and how things have changed since React & Flux was introduced into the community.

  • PHP / Laravel

    Nothing more solid than a modern Laravel backend, it pairs well with many different front-end frameworks.

  • React

    I started using React and Flux since it’s release over 10 years ago. When I watched the presentation by Dan on Redux & Timetravel debugging it had a huge impact on me and the way I think about and structure code.

  • NextJS

    I was an early adopter of NextJS and Zeit, after a few years I’ve come back to it and it’s now my current framework for new projects.

  • Vue

    I built a few projects with Vue 2 & 3. I prefer the composition API of Vue 3 but the upgrade path hasn’t been that smooth, so I’ve moved back to React.

Software Dev

  • Full-stack development

    Either full-stack Javascript or products a mix with PHP / Laravel backends.

  • Front-end development

    Front-end Javascript applications with React or Vue, Laravel Livewire etc.

  • Backend & Servers

    Server architecture and development. APIs and micro-services, scaling, queues, distributed servers, serverless apps.

  • APIs & CI

    API design and deployment, continuous integration or server configuration.


  • Startup Prototypes (MVP)

    I’m capable of rapidly building quick (MVP) prototypes that can be used to show investors, test and get feedback from users, before refining the idea more.

  • Business Plans

    I can help shape your business plan, identity your target market and make sure that the prototype is a viable product that your customers will love.

  • Technical Advice

    Need advice for your startup or idea? I can provide technical advice or consulting to help you avoid any technical pit-falls.


  • Branding & Logos

    Multimedia work like branding, design, logos, presentations, business cards, posters, etc for companies and friends.

  • Website Design

    Design and coding of static websites, including designing for a11y web accessibility standards for impaired users.

  • Print Design

    Print design, such as posters, business cards or company documents.


  • AWS

    Long live the king. AWS is great and I’m very familiar with the ecosystem and tools.

  • Cloudflare

    I’ve been using Cloudflare a lot more recently, especially for the serverless edge workers.

  • Heroku &

    I spent many years on Heroku, but lately has been where I host my smaller projects.

  • Linux

    I’m very familiar and fluent in Linux and self-host and administer a lot of servers, especially for Laravel projects.


  • Elastic Search

    I self-host a cluster of 3 search engines, with 21 proxies around the world. The search supports 20+ languages and Elastic Search has the best multilingual support by far.

  • Statamic

    This is my preferred CMS... it’s super easy to manage with Laravel, create plugins or customize almost every aspect of. I especially like the Git integration so content is version controlled.

  • Sketch App

    For design work I always jump back into Sketch. I prefer simplicity in my work and although I’m well acquainted with Adobe software, I enjoy working in Sketch and vector shapes a lot more for design work and blueprints.